Fashion Accessories


Clothing is what you put on your back, but accessories are what create your ensemble. With Swell Caroline's wide collection, you are never without the perfect item to bring your entire look together – and no matter what aesthetic you are trying to accomplish. You can wake up every morning in the mood for something different or new and still find the right piece to express what you are feeling that day.


We carry accessories in the following categories:



Regularly Featured Sales


At Swell Caroline, we are always marking items down to best serve our customers, so be sure to check back at our sales page frequently. With prices being so low, you can pick up an extra piece or two for you or a loved one.


Uncertain as to exactly what you need? Why don't you try something new? You could pick up a piece in a color you have always been too afraid to wear because of how vibrant it is. But put on that piece, and you will turn heads!


Well-priced and Convenient Shipping


Scroll through our large inventory of custom keychains, scarves and more online and pick up everything you need today. Swell Caroline has focused our business model on giving customers great pieces at great prices. In addition, we offer free shipping for orders that are more than $50. We ship to everywhere in the United States and Canada, as well as many military offices, and we typically do so within seven to ten days, however this depends on the order and product.